Friday, November 26, 2010

The LONG and SHORT of our love story

***I was asked to answer some questions about how we met, how we got engaged, and info. about our wedding day for a website that featured some of our wedding pictures and I just thought I would post it on here in case anyone was wondering! :)

How We Met:
SHORT Story: We met  in Provo at a BYU institute class and our first date was in Las Vegas, NV
LONG Story: How we met is somewhat of a funny story! Here is how it all went down, in my opinion of course (we tend to debate on the actual location of where we met)! We were in the same institute class at BYU and he noticed me and had a friend (smooth) of his come and ask me for my number so he could ask me out on a date. His friend of course pointed him out so I "saw" him and agreed to giving his friend my number. When he finally got around to calling to ask me out, I explained that I would like to but, that I no longer lived in Utah. I went on to explain that I had recently packed up and moved to Las Vegas to dance in a show on the strip. He then fired back telling me that he and his friends were going there down there next month and he would give me a call when they got there. So he did, and we went out on our first date in Las Vegas, NV and had a really fun night! After he and his friends headed back to Utah I didn't hear from him again until I moved back to Utah a year or so later and ran into him at a party. We became really good friends and then eventually started dating! Funny how the guy that didn't call me back after our first date would end up being my husband! In his defense: I had just moved to Las Vegas with no sign that I would ever come back so he figured that even if it was a really fun date it was kind of long shot living in different states. I understand but, tease him about it on occasion! ;) 

How He Proposed:
SHORT Story: He proposed in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico while we were on vacation there.

LONG Story: I had been waiting and waiting for a ring, I was in the placed where I was ready and excited to be engaged to him! As I waited and got more excited there was NO sign of a ring! I found myself thinking "maybe this weekend" or "is it gonna happen tonight" and with my mom and family asking me every second it was HARD to be patient!
We had been planning a vacation to Mexico with some of our friends for awhile and secretly I was hoping that it would happen there (since it hadn't already). Our resort was VERY nice and SO pretty but, day 1- NO ring, Day 2- still NO ring, Day 3- Of course NO ring so, I decided to stop thinking about it so I wouldn't get my hopes up and reassured myself that it would happen when it was supposed to. As the days of our vacation rolled by we were having so much fun that I had forgotten about it! The last night (Day 8) of the trip everyone went out to dinner in downtown Cabo together and got dessert after that we all went back to the hotel and Mike asked, "Wanna walk around and look at our pretty resort one last time?" I didn't really feel like it (I was tired) but, agreed thinking it is really pretty here and I was sad to leave (I wasn't thinking anything about a wedding ring or suspect of a proposal) we walked around the resort and went up to the highest part of the resort overlooking the ocean and he simply asked me to MARRY HIM! I said YES and it was perfect! I was right... It did happen when it was supposed to and that was when I was least expecting it! What a great way to end an amazing trip with my wonderful friends and newly fiancee.

Wedding DaySHORT Story: We got married on October 18th in the Provo Temple and had our reception at Sleepy Ridge in Orem, Utah.

LONG Story: A lot of people ask, "Why Provo Temple?" Well, here is the answer....We picked Provo Temple because Mike's little brother (Missionary for the LDS church) was able to get permission from the MTC President to attend our sealing if it was in Provo Temple. For us this was an easy decision! Steve (Mike's little brother) and Mike are very close and over the year that Mike and I dated Steve became a good friend of mine! We both love him very much and were SO excited to have him there with us on our special day and we were pretty lucky to get to see him the day before he left the MTC for the mission Field too! We picked Sleepy Ridge for the reception for obvious reasons. Have you seen it? It is GORGEOUS! The wedding day was amazing, it was such a special day that I will always remember! Everything turned out GREAT and despite the weather forecast it didn't rain and was nice and sunny all day! The Wedding was just so much FUN! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's the Married thing to do, right?

Hi Everyone (if that is even anyone...)!

We decided to start a blog, it's the married people thing to do, right? I am super new to blogging and don't really know how to do it but, I have decided to try, any tips or tricks are welcomed!!!
(Ps- how do I get the thing on the side of my blog that shows when my friends have posted? That would for sure make my blog stalking easier! JK! But, really how do I get that... Wow, see I have no clue!)

Well here is an update of what we have been up to in our 1 mo. and 6 days of marriage!

*We got married 10/18/10 and it was an AMAZING day, stay tuned for wedding pictures! I can't wait to post some of them!
*We went on our honeymoon to Las Vegas and stayed in a suite at an awesome hotel! We also got to go see Cher and Le Reve while we were there! I love going to shows and it was fun taking Mike to both of the those show ( I had seen both of them before)! I highly suggest Le Reve if you haven't seen it! I have seen it at least 7 times and I still love it! Cher was great too, our friend hooked us up and we sat front row! Needless to say we saw a whole lot of Cher! ;)
*Since we have been home we have been busy cleaning, organizing, and decorating our house. It looks SO cute, I really love it!
*We made an awesome DIY headboard for our bed! It turned out surprisingly great! We will post pics and how we did it later just in case any of you have a free Saturday and want to spice up your bedroom!
*We bought a new car, and I am loving it! I have been driving the same old Honda Accord for 9 years, and it was SO time to trade it in and get something newer! R.I.P my old friend!
*We have had fun hanging out with "Married Friends!" Soph and Brent are always fun to hang out with and the other night Josh and McCall (Kevin and Date) came over for a fondue party!
*Last weekend Mike's sister, Lisa was in town with here cute little family and they stayed with us at our house! It was fun having a little person around, Katy is cute and looks SO much like Mike's baby picutes! I feel like I now know what my children are going to look like now, weird! :) On Sunday Meg, Jake, and John came up to our house and Mike cooked a Roast in his new crock pot (he has been super excited about using it) and it was yummy! Good Job Honey! We also played Ticket to Ride with Lisa and Andrew, Andrew won!
*Now we are looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family at my Uncle Brent and Aunt Heather's house in Coalville and then X-mas is Chicago with Mike's family!

Moral of the story: Married Life is Bliss, we're sold!

A little preview of our wedding pics to come!