Monday, March 21, 2011

Soon to be Mrs. Ingle

I am very excited for this weekend!
One of my best friends is getting married!
I couldn't be happier for her!
I loved having her a part of my wedding and now I can't wait to be a part of hers!

 We have had a lot of fun together the last year or two... It's crazy to think that we will both be wives soon!
I love you Candice!

(hahah, Don't ask!)

Yes, padded butt short, our fav!

(wish I was this tan right now)

(lake powell)

The only sad part about her getting married is she is leaving us...
Boo, I am going to miss you!
Who am I going to eat sugar cookies, drink DC, and watch GG with? It rare to someone who likes all of those things as much as I do... I think we are bonded for life because of it!
Move back soon so we can be married friends, okay?

XOXO- Jenna Rosa 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Special Chat

***Warning this post is long with NO pictures. I wanted to have a record of this, sorry it's so long, I won't feel bad if you don't read it! It's mostly for me anyways! If you do, I hope you like it, I do!

So, today I was at lunch talking with a co-worker friend and we were talking about how she was IMing a guy friend of hers and I asked her is she thought it would go somewhere or not...
Anyway, the whole conversation got me thinking about how me and Mike started. Most of you know that he saw me at an institute class, he had a friend ask me for my number, by the time he called me I had moved to Vegas, he came to Vegas on vacation and asked me out again, we went on a fun date, he went home and never called, a year later I moved home, I ran into him at a party, I found out that he was best friends with a lot of the girls that I started hanging out with when I moved home, we became good friends.... But, what most people don't know is why and how we started dating. Well, I credit it to FB chat and some of our friends helping out a bit. More specifically I credit a lot of it to a certain special chat. A chat convo that makes me cry every time I read it!.

I want to post the chat, for keepsakes reasons but, I need to preface it a bit first... here is goes!

Back Story (quick version): Vegas was lonely (didn't go on a single date while I was there). I had an awesome job, that I loved but, that was about it. My aunt set me up on a date (in Utah) one weekend with someone she knew, I even came home for it... I was desperate for a date (embarrassing). I ended up liking him a lot...we spent the weekend together. I moved home the next weekend. We dated....and had fun together for a couple months. He then moved for work, I figured we would just see what would happen. When he moved I started hanging out with my girl friends and Mike every night. Me and Mike became friends quick! I was so intrigued by him, his views on the world, and all his "theories" about people and dating. I had known for awhile that he liked me and he had known I was dating someone. We became friends...we FB chatted ALL DAY everyday! I am talking 3 months of non-stop everyday chatting...The girls kept warning him that I liked "the other guy" and to protect himself. They all loved Mike and didn't want him to get his hopes up since they heard me a talking about "the other guy." As things went on I found myself looking forward to our chats and loving all of our online conversations. We connected on a lot of levels. We got closer and "the other guy" started to pull back since he had moved. I clearly remember a certain night that all of us went and saw an (awful) movie, in IMAX non the least... Where The Wild Thing Are (Candice, if you are reading... I know that is your favorite movie ever ;)) and I was sitting next to him and I actually remember feeling like I had a crush on him. It was weird up until this point I had told the girls I wasn't interested and that I wanted to let things play out thing with "the other guy." I actually remember wanting to hold his hand, What?? Where was this coming from... I was shocked myself! That night we (me, Candice, and Kim) went to Sonic for DC's (duh) and I told them that I might have a small crush on him...they freaked out and went immediately into action! This were I credit them! They told him that if he was ever gonna ask me out again that now would be the time! He did, I was excited and nervous, he was late (sorry babe you were, love you), we went out to dinner, we watched a movie, he kissed me, I kissed back, my crush grew, we hung out more that weekend, and the crush kept growing!

The next weekend changed things...."the other guy" came in town to have surprise surgery. He called, I took him dinner after surgery. Long story short... He ended up have surgery complications. I had to rush him to the hospital that night! The next part is a blur, it went a little like this...He almost died, he had to have more surgery, I stayed there, Mike tried to call, my phone was dead, I brought him more dinners at the hospital, I stayed with him more, I couldn't call Mike back, I text him to tell him where I had been, I hung out with "the other guy" to keep him company during his recovering, chatted at work with Mike a bit but, didn't hang out with him, the "other guy" started getting better and went back to work far away, I was confused (understatement)!

So, before he came back I was ready to move on and find someone that wanted to commit on the same level that I wanted to! I was ready and I wanted to give Mike a shot. I did, we kiss, things were good and happy. Then Boom, the "other guy" is back and after that whole ordeal, I was confused about what I wanted!

Then the CHAT of 11/16/2009

*** I am going to post chat in the next blog post for sake of space.

XOXO- Jenna


-Crap! This makes me cry everytime... I am a baby!
** There was more before this, I just posted the good stuff!

Mike Rosa 2:11 PM
I'll get to the point then...
if that's easiest
 Jenna Richards 2:13 PM
 Mike Rosa 2:13 PM
see, this IM thing is tough
because if I'm gonna say what I think in writing
I wanna make sure I'm actually saying exactly what I want to say so it doesn't come across the wrong way
 Jenna Richards 2:14 PM
I don’t think u should worry about that really
But, it’s up to you though
 Mike Rosa 2:15 PM
i just feel like it's more sincere to say stuff face to face
but I'll try...just give me the benefit of the doubt a little bit if I say anything that sounds dumb
 Jenna Richards 2:15 PM
 Mike Rosa 2:16 PM
I don't envy in any way the situation you've been in the past few weeks
you and I started hanging out and getting to know each other and at least in my estimation were having a really good time
and then all of a sudden “Other guy” comes back in town
and because you guys have history going back and he has this intense surgery experience, etc.
everything just got turned all upside down
 Jenna Richards 2:21 PM
Yeah that is how it happened
 Mike Rosa 2:22 PM
and I know I wasn't wrong in assuming you were having a really good time with me
and I feel you've been super cool about everything
You have been very upfront and honest
so I'm not really upset in any way about anything that's happened
life is what it is throws you curveballs and shakes things up
 Jenna Richards 2:24 PM
Yeah I had a blast with you and I have tried to be fair
 Mike Rosa 2:24 PM
because it's supposed to
there are lessons to be learned
and no one can say how even the smallest events can change the entire course of a person's life
so what's happened was supposed to happen for one reason or another
no one yet knowing what that reason may end up being
in any case...
I have noticed however that since he came back that you've grown increasingly distant
not outwardly...because we've continued to talk and go on dates, etc.
but the inside part of you, the part of you that was making a connection, has gone somewhere else
and it's been a subtle change, but one that's very noticeable to someone like me
 Jenna Richards 2:32 PM
 Mike Rosa 2:32 PM
so I know that you still have feelings for “Other Guy”
and that those feelings are strong
 Jenna Richards 2:33 PM
Yeah I think that is how things happened and I like your perspective on the situation
Mike Rosa 2:33 PM
how could your feelings not still be strong?
it was just like a week before we got started hangin out that you were still talking to him a ton
 Jenna Richards 2:34 PM
Are u asking a questions?
 Mike Rosa 2:34 PM
so I understand
rhetorical question
it was recent enough that I understand there were still strong feelings
 Jenna Richards 2:36 PM
your  being too nice about it
 Mike Rosa 2:36 PM
I'm not too nice
I'm exactly the right amount of nice that a mean world needs
*small break
Mike Rosa 3:41 PM
in any case, I know that you have strong feelings still for “other guy”
Candice has told me some things because she wants to protect my feelings
but not anything that I didn't already know by the way you seemed to be a bit more distant all of a sudden
and it's been my impression as of late...
that your intention is to follow through with the “other guy” thing and see where it leads
would you say that's a pretty accurate summary of where you're at this point?
or am I off a bit?
Jenna Richards 4:12 PM
Yeah that kinda right about where I am at. I am more at the I need more time to feels it out point. I thought I wanted to move past him and planned on it… It is just weird how the first week I do he comes back... it sucks and I am sorry
 Mike Rosa 4:14 PM
like I was saying...I totally understand
we were just barely getting started so I get that you've still got loose ends that need to be tied up elsewhere
 Jenna Richards 4:16 PM
Doesn’t it piss u off a little though
Do u think I should like him?
 Mike Rosa 4:17 PM
not pissed off
obviously that's not what anyone really intended to happen
I only get angry with people if they're intentionally mean or terribly negligent, dishonest, etc
you've been none of those things so I'm not pissed
 Jenna Richards 4:19 PM
well I think u should be a little mad at me
I would be if I was you
 Mike Rosa4:20 PM
why? what did you do wrong that I should be mad about?
 Jenna Richards 4:20 PM
nothing really but the situation kind of sucks
 Mike Rosa 4:20 PM
you're just following your heart and whether or not it's smart
no one can ever really be faulted for following their heart, can they?
 Jenna Richards 4:21 PM
well do u think I should like him?
Do u think it is smart?
 Mike Rosa 4:22 PM
that's not my decision to make
 Jenna Richards 4:22 PM
Well duh I want your opinion though
 Mike Rosa 4:23 PM
I wasn't being sarcastic...I was trying to say that I don't actually know him so there's no way to know for sure
you'd be a better judge than me
 Jenna Richards 4:23 PM
K, fine Mike
 Mike Rosa 4:23 PM
easy...let me finish
I'm not trying to be difficult...this is why this is hard to do over IM
because I'm really being kinda honest
I only know the bad things about him that you've told me...
 Jenna Richards 4:24 PM
I know
 Mike Rosa 4:24 PM
I haven't seen him enough to know what good traits he may have
 Jenna Richards 4:24 PM
So do u think I should like u or him?
 Mike Rosa 4:25 PM
Me, of course
 Jenna Richards 4:25 PM
 Mike Rosa 4:25 PM
I look at this situation from 2 as simply stepping back and being your friend
and the other from being where I am as a guy that you started hanging out with
so stepping back as a friend...
I got to see you be sad when he wasn't giving back as much as he probably should to you
 Jenna Richards 4:28 PM
I was never sad just confused...
 Mike Rosa 4:28 PM
there wasn't a hint of sadness in that for you?
 Jenna Richards 4:29 PM
No I was more frustrated than sad
 Mike Rosa 4:29 PM
there was frustration for sure
probably frustrated at him
and I remember you being frustrated with boys in general
 Jenna Richards 4:29 PM
 Mike Rosa 4:30 PM
for not asking people out on dates, being non committal, etc
just wanting to get action, that type of stuff
as a friend
just buddy to buddy
I would tell you this is probably a risky guy to date
I only see parts of it so like I said're in a better position than me to know
I know strictly as a guy...
if I went through what he went through with all the surgery stuff
with you more or less saving his life, or at least his career
staying at his bedside to take care of him
keeping him company while he was recovering
if I went through that and was treated that way by a girl that I really liked
I'd be doing ANYTHING i possibly could to show my gratitude and appreciation
and make sure I could keep that girl forever
hell, I'd probably have at least tried to put a ring on her finger after the whole ordeal
but that's just me
 after being treated that way I'd know...and I wouldn't hesitate for a second being with her
 no for half a breath
 so in any case, as a friend, what I'm saying is...
 I think you'll mostly likely walk down this road for a while and find that it continues to be what it was before
 so you just need to be true to yourself
 so as a friend, just be careful not to spend too much time of your life walking a road that isn't taking you where you want to go
 if it continues to not be what you need it to be, don't follow it forever and let him waste your time
and if it ends up turning into what you'd like it to be, then awesome
 as a friend I would be SO happy for you if it turned out to be everything you wanted it to be
 I really mean that
 stepping back into my own shoes for a second
 I don't know you super incredibly well...we only just barely had the chance to get started
 but you deserve to know that I kind of adore you
 I think you're gorgeous, sure...
 but pretty girls around her are a dime a dozen so that's not what's important
 I like that you're kind hearted, loving, and thoughtful
 I don't think you have ANY idea how truly funny you of the only girls around here that sincerely makes me laugh
I kinda like a lot of the the things about you that you said “exe boyfriend” couldn't stand...the way you like getting dressed up, etc. and etc.
 I dig all the same silly 90's R&B
 and tons of other little things like that
but if we're not on the same page as far as what we're looking for right now
 then it's best for us to just stay buddies
 or at least until you have a chance to tie up all your loose ends elsewhere
 honestly that is probably the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time!
 I cant think or remember a time someone said or noticed things like that about me
 means a lot!
 no worries
 I hope it means at least something...
 it means a lot! Thank you so much for being so understanding!
 I am not used to understanding boys
i just think you have been more than amazing handling a sucky situation
 what you'll find about me the more that you dig with me...
 I'm the guy that ALWAYS does or says exactly the right thing
 not because I've learned to fake it
 but because I really AM that guy down to my core
 Yeah I believe that!
 I don't know have all the answers to what I'm supposed to spend my life doing yet
 but I know that the reason I was put on this earth is to be someone's 'perfect'
 Yeah I believe that too!
 so that's really the gist of everything I guess...
 Yeah I guess so! :):)
 it'll make me sad if you go down another road and end up getting hurt
 so promise to take care of yourself and NOT just think about someone else's needs and wants
 don't sell yourself short
 in the meantime, I don't have any intention to disappear
 from your life...we were buddies first and it'll always be that way as far as I'm concerned
 U do say all the right things!
 I really appreciate it!
 don't feel like you can't talk to me about whatever happens because you think I'm gonna be hurt or not understand
 or because I'll be angry
 because I won't be...I'm here as your friend first as foremost
 I don't which is weird
 BUT there is one thing I DO need you to promise me
 you still owe me a dance
 when we were in Vegas watching that silly Phillipino band...
 at the stratosphere
they played some slow song...all the old drunk people started dancing
 and I asked you to were too shy and shut me down
 so whatever the outcome of all this ends up being...
 at some point, you still owe me a dance
 a slow one
 burning room optional
 Ha! Okay... Deal!
 anyway, I gotta run
 sure you do to
let’s plan to chat tomorrow
Thank you and have a good night!

**I hope he doesn't care that I posted this...
*** I know most of you won't understand why this mean so much to me but, it does. I had been through a lot the year leading up to this and it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment! I knew that he cared for me no matter the outcome and I also realized that he knew me, liked me, and appreciated me for me! Something I had not felt like that before!  

Everything happens for a reason... So many things (more on that later, maybe?) happened in my life that I couldn't explain at the time but, I now know that they were leading me to Mike and I am thankful for all of them!

I love him!
Again, I am sorry for all the mushy stuff...I just wanted to have a record of it!
-Jenna Rosa

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have the BEST husband!
Not only does he take care of me...He takes care of my pup!
Last night I was lazy awesome and sat on the couch and watched American Idol
(ps-who do you like? I like Casey and Pia)
while Mike gave Bentley a bath.

(So cute)

I told ya, He is the best...huh?
We (me and B) lucked out!

Mike also plays and wrestles with B everynight
(I need to post a video-it is hilarious)
They are best buds!

I LOVE these two!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pink Decor...

Since I posted some Purple home decor inspiration,
I thought I would follow it up with some Pink as well!
I love PINK too but, it is a lot harder to ger away with...
My husband...well, he's not that into it! :)

Random Fact: Did you know that Honeysuckle Pink is the Pantone color of the year?
This is what is says about the color on the website... I kind of love it!
"A Color for All Seasons. Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it."

Aren't these pretty!....

I collect design photos that I find on random design blogs for future home ispiration...
This blog is a great way to keep them all together, hopefully you don't mind ;)  

PS- My favorite design blog is 
Most if not all these pics were found there, check her out!

Hope you are all doing good!

Monday, March 7, 2011

For the love...of PURPLE

I love
It is my favorite color ...
We are moving and working on decoration our bedroom
and what color do I want to do it in...Purple of course
Mike is okay with it to an extent...hmmm (what can I get away with)???

Here is some Purple Home Inspiration

FUN! It makes me Happy just looking at all of these Purple super girly rooms! :)
I wonder what ours will turn out looking like??
Oh- we are on a budget too...
So far we have made our headboard (I should post pics/tutorial)
Bought nightstands at DI and refinished them
Bought cute bedding with Gift Cards from wedding
Bought Decor/Shelves from IKEA
Next, We need to find a dresser!

Do you love purple as much as me?
Haha, I just looked down and noticed I am wearing a purple dress/shirt thing at work (bored) today!
What is your favorite color?


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Bitten

Okay, So Lately I have been thinking about switching this blog up a little? Not sure yet, we will see??? You have been warned!

So, This is me today, at my awesome yet usually boring desk job...and what's on my mind?
My new lip color, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Gothic. AH-Mazing!
(sorry for the self portrait-kinda of embarrassing)
So, here is the story of why it is so Ah-Mazing (that is fun to say type)...
I have always been the girl that wore Red lipstick
even when it wasn't soooo cool in Jr. High...
(I LOVE that is popular right now, FUN!)
But, I have always had a problem with it "bleeding" and I have been in search of a magical non-bleeding trick forever! Nothing ever works, Nope not cover up or lip liner, Nothing (it's probably my lips)!

Enter Just Bitten (color: Gothic)
Ahahhh... Magic!
This stuff is awesome!
 I have tried the MAC stain before and didn't like it.. But, this one is perfect and lasts ALL day!
I mean through talking, eating, kissing, and sometimes even sleeping and (the best part) NO BLEEDING!
Also, it moisturizing... since one end is the stain and the other is a glossy chapstick!

I think I need all the colors now....
Next on my list is CRAVE-totally a Jenna Color, right?
(FYI- this is not my arm)

Oh man I am in for it!
I might have to get a BIGGER lip gloss/stick/stain (whatever) holder for my purse...
It already overflowing!

Have any of you tried it?
What did you think.???
(I heard the chapstick part can break, be careful)
Does your lipstick "bleed?" I swear I am alone here....
What are your favorite LipSticks???

Maybe- I will even post of pic of all of the of my favorites that I have in my purse right now...(it's a lot)