Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthdays and Bunnies...

We are kinda of lame when it comes to picture taking...but, here are two pictues from Mike's Birthday!
(he loves making this face)
Birthday Morning!

His presents from me....

The birthday weekend went a little like this....
Friday night we went to Texas Roadhouse for a surprise B-day Dinner with his friends.
Lawrence, Kari, Richard, Jeff, Megan, the twin babies, Sophie, Brent, and Eden came!
It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone!

Edit***4/27/2011-I just got this picture from Richard! I think it is SO funny! He is obviously thrilled to be riding the birthday saddle!!! Ha!

Saturday we went a on date just the two of us. We went out to dinner and then to the Led Zeppelin Laser show at the Planetarium.
Sunday (his actual birthday) We opened presents, went to church, watched movies, made dinner and enjoyed some time just the two of us!
I will say...30 looks good on him! Ha! ;)

Next, Topic: Easter
Happy Easter Everyone!

For Easter we headed to my mom's house on Saturday and stayed the night so that the Easter bunny could come in the morning!

I am not quite sure how it happened but,....(My mom blames me but, she makes a lot of stuff up)
We all got a bunny for Easter!
Trevor named him Jessie, he is cute! :)

Chase and Jessie
Mike and Jessie, Cutest Picutre Award!!!

 Bentley, Zak, Zoey, Trevor, and Jessie
The Dogs actually really like him... I was a little worried

Easter Nap, The dogs LOVE Mike! Haha...

Update... Jessie Passed away on Sunday in Trevor's arms!
It was really sad, he was sick!
He did have a really good last week of his life though...
Trevor took really good care of him and even built him a three story house.
I am sad that I didn't get a picture of them together!
Chase's reaction when we told him was, "That messed up, I liked that rabbit."
RIP-little buddy!

Oh, How could I forget. My mom filled my basket with Baby (boy and girl) stuff? What, does she know something I don't? Haha, she is crazy and has already started calling herself Grandma!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Day, Husband!
The festivities start today... I can't wait to celebrate ALL weekend!
You are SO special to me and I hope you feel special and loved on your birthday weekend!

(You are cute, I like you)

His actually Birthday is April 17th, Sunday
April 18th is our 6 mo. marriage mark!
(6 months of marriage bliss)
Both are very exciting and deserve celebrating!

(don't know what happen to that pic)

Lots of Birthday kisses coming your way!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We are moving and it makes me SAD (and tired and sore)! I LOVE the house we live in, it is perfect and I don't want to leave it even though I knew we would have to eventually (we were renting, it was for sale, it sold, we have to leave). Mike lived in it with roommates, while we were dating... So, basically it is the house we dated in, feel in love in, and lived in for the first 6 months of our marriage! Thank you house for all memories... I will miss your BIG master bedroom, HUGE bathrooms, perfect layout, and awesome kitchen!
I don't why this is getting to me so much (maybe it's the lack of sleep due to packing...)? I know I am being really dramatic about it...I think I just needed to vent for one little post and then I will get over it... :)

The good part is I have an awesome husband and no matter where we live he is just as loving, sweet, kind, and patient! I am sure once we get everything unpacked it will feel a little more like home (I'll get used to)...

Okay, change the subject Jenna! Next Monday is our 6 months mark. Crazy how time flies... I have really loved being married to Mike and can't wait to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us! I really loved Elder Scott's talk at conference, I know a lot of you did too, it was very sweet! I loved how he taught valuable and important principles about marriage through simple and sweet examples from his own life and marriage. It meant a lot being newly married, I hope to follow in their footsteps!

Well, wish us luck with the rest of the move!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Palm Springs-Tram Ride

Wed. we all went to ride the Palm Springs tram. It goes from the desert floor to the tip top of the mountains. It was seriously steep! It was 89 degrees at the bottom and 50 with a foot of snow at the top! Palm trees on bottom, Pine trees on top. Kind of crazy and fun...until we all decided we left the snow for a reason! :)
The tram car was cool! It fit 80 passenger and rotated 360 degree while going up, great views!

These pics were taken on the top in the snow!!! We even had a snow ball throwing competition! Then we headed back and went straight to the pool! FUN!

Thursday was kind sad.... Mike's family ended up having to leave early, his dad had something come up at work. We helped them pack up and after they took off we went swimming and relaxed together the rest of the day...
Friday was SOO hot, like 102 degrees and we ended up going shopping and then to movie.
Too hot to be outside, hehe!
Saturday we went to the pool and then drove home to our snowy house in Draper!
(Grrr...Isn't it Spring?)
It was seriously the perfect trip!!!
We slept in, ate lots of food, got to hang out with Mike's fam, and the weather was awesome!
I am so thankful Mike's family let us tag along on their trip! 
I LOVE my in-laws, I feel very blessed and grateful to have them in my life.
They are wonderful examples of selfless love, they give SO much to everyone around them!

So, yesterday was my birthday... I am now 26. Crazy!!!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indian Canyons- Palm Springs

After Candice's wedding we drove to Palm Springs
to meet Mike's parents and littlest sister (Emily) for Spring Break.
Palm Springs was beautiful and WARM (hot)!!!
Sunday we ate food and had FHE
Monday the boys had to work so, the girls went to the pool!
 Tuesday we went to the Indian Canyons and did some hiking.

 The palm trees we SO pretty and I couldn't help but, take a ton of pics (with my phone of course). 
 (I will post some more pics of the rest of the trip later!)  

Mike's Cute Family, some of them at least!
Mom Gina, Dad Marty, and littlest sister Emily

There was a stream that ran along some of the trail... We put our feet in to cool off!
He climbed all over these rocks...
In this pic there is a little waterfall under him!
I like him!
Checking out the natural springs...

It was a great day spent with my favorite husband and amazing in-laws in the warm weather surrounded by  pretty palm trees...

-Jenna Rosa 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Vegas- Candice+Izzy

We just got back from a very fun Spring Break Vacation...
It all started in Vegas for Candice and Izzy's Wedding!

We had so much fun with our friends!
We stayed with Kim and Heather at Kim's Condo, Thanks lil Kim.
 We ATE lots of yummy food...
We went to FireFly (a Vegas favorite of mine), Max Brenner, and Martorano's.
  The wedding was Beautiful, of course.
It was at the Venus Gardens at Caesars Palace (not Bellagio, hehe).
Candice looked so pretty and they both seemed SO happy and in love!
We love them and are SO excited for them!

Friday Night (Crazy lil Kim) After Firefly (don't have pic there) waiting for Mike in the Food 4 Less...
Saturday Brunch/Lunch at Max Brenner! EVERYTHING had chocolate on it!
I am talking everything! Yum!

 Mr and Mrs. Ingle
Pretty Bride
The Gang... after the wedding
(Kim, Whitney, Me)

Wedding make me happy!

Us, Mike was a BridesMan! :)

 Dinner after the wedding at Martorano's (Me, Kim, Heather, Kristen)

On Sunday we woke up and drove to Palm Springs to meet Mike's family for Spring Break for the week... More on that later! :)
XOXO- Jenna

(from my Iphone)