Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 Mike's little sister Christina and her friend Laura stayed with us this weekend! They flew in from Chicago on Friday and we dropped them off at EFY on Monday. In the meantime we had a lot of fun! On Saturday we woke up and took them to Beyond Glaze of course, it's our Saturday tradition. Then we got ready and headed to Park City. While we were there we ate on Main Street, walked and shopped up and down Main Street, took them to get Feather Extensions, Rode the Alpine Coaster, and we drove around and looked at all of the cool houses. Later we ate dinner at Cafe Rio, hit up Sweet Tooth Fairy, and went to see the movie 12 Miracles at Thanksgiving Point. On Sunday we made breakfast, went to our ward, took them to BYU so they could check out the campus (they both want to go there), and then ate dinner and played games at my moms. It was a busy but, really FUN weekend. Christina, is so fun and so sweet! I just love her... she is so mature for her age and it is really impressive to me. I loved having girl time and playing with a sister (in-law), which is something that is new to me! :) We loved having them here!

Main Street Pizza and Noodle
Christina-Left Laura- Right, Aren't they so pretty!!!
Park City
Main Street
Getting Feathers... :) Hope their mom's don't kill me! Ha!

Alpine Coaster
is So MUCH Fun! Go, if you haven't already...

Also, I had a lot of fun cooking and preparing our house for guests...
They are our first guests in our new place...
 Here are few recipes that we tried out!

I have been wanting to try Rainbow Jello for awhile, it's just so cute (So, I made my own girly version. Pink, Red, Purple, and Blue-we later added whipped cream and it was good). I looked at a lot of recipes and this one looked like it set up the quickest so I tried it out.

We also made these yummy breakfast biscuits!

Oh and these (Raspberries with Chocolate Chips inside of them) are a new FAVORITE of mine!
If you know me, you know that I have a hard time with Fruits and Veggies
 but, adding Chocolate Chips made them SO GOOD!
Try it! :)

We were going to make the Lemonade Cake again but, after all the Beyond Glaze and Sweet Tooth Fairy Leftovers we were GOOD!

I really hope they are having FUN at EFY right now and I can't wait to hear about it when we pick them up on Saturday!


Monday, July 11, 2011

My Favorites Boys

(I LOVE this picture of Mike and Mr. B, being lazy cozy on Sunday morning)

It's crazy how much I love these two, they are for sure my 2 favorite boys/people/dogs in the whole world!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Week!

We had such a fun week!
Our friends Candice and Izzy were in town, Kim turned 30, we went to Lagoon, and it was the 4th of July!

Texas Roadhouse! It's so fun to have couple to hang out with! I think Mike liked having some guys around for a change! :)
(Aaron, Kristen, Kim, Me, Mike, Candice, and Izzy)

We LOVE Them

Cheesecake for Kim's 30th Bday Party!

She is one HOT 30 yr old!

Now, onto LAGOON day! We went with my cousins... Jordynn, Eisley, Kobe, and my mom even came this year! It was an adventure to say the least, ha!
I love my cousins, they always make me laugh... they are so funny!

Eisley, Jordynn, Kobe... (Austin didn't come this year)

Jordynn and Mom

US trying to find shade, it was SUCH a HOT day!

For the Fourth... We went to a movie in the afternoon, dinner, and then went and watched firework just the two of us! It was low key but, perfect!

I am looking forward to this weekend! Mike's little sister, Christina and a friend are going to be staying with us! They are coming from Chicago for EFY and a little Vacay! We have fun stuff planned for them... I just HOPE it doesn't rain...