Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Picture days and the new J.O.B

So, I have had the lovely experience of participating in two office picture days with in the last couple months. FUN! Ha… yeah right! My old job after two years decided to have picture day right before I knew I was leaving and my new job conveniently had picture day on the schedule when I started.  Office pictures days can be awkward so, I tried to get my new job to let me use the first picture but, they said no! They are very attached to their pretty grey background and I guess the blurry blinds and the lighting of the first one were not their favorite. Anyways, now I have two headshots and nothing to do with them besides the awesome company website! J
Round One:

Round Two:
(I think they turned out better anyway)

So, Update on the new job! I love it…it’s great and turned out to be a good move for me! I like my boss and the people I work with a lot. I am A LOT busier (which is a good thing) and the office environment is a lot more social! Although I do miss my friends from my old job! I have finally decided to stop putting off getting licensed and have started studying for my Security Licensing exams. The only problem is I have a hard time coming from a long work day and wanting to read my text books and study. Oh well, I need to suck it up and be more motivated… I will feel SO much better when they are over!
I do feel a little disconnected from the blogging/facebook/pinterest world though. I used to have free time at work to browse the internet now, I am a lot busier and don’t at all. I do look a little bit on my phone here and there though! J Anyways, that is why there have been less blog posts, I just don’t have that much time at work and usually after work the last thing I was to do it sit in front of a computer… Oh, that reminds me does anyone know how to blog from and ipad? I can blog but, I can’t upload the photos from my albums on my ipad? Any help would be appreciated… I do like playing on that after work! I am wanting to post about out trip to Chicago for Thanksgiving… it was a really GOOD one and well worth a post! and for no reason here is a pic from my phone of us that I kinda like...

XOXO- Jenna

Friday, October 21, 2011

One Year Anniversary

We have now been married for a year...
(Does that mean that we are no longer newly weds?)

It was one amazing year, the best ever and it sure went by fast!
I love my husband, he is my best friend and I feel lucky every day!
I do not take him or our marriage for granted, it's a special thing (if you ask me)!
We decided to celebrate by gettin out of town, just the two of us!

We headed to Vegas for the week and it turned out to be a GREAT TRIP! We got to spend all day together, we slept in, we relaxed by the pool, we hit up all of our favorite restaurants, we had dessert for every meal, we shopped til we dropped, and we had a GREAT TIME! One for the books, I tell ya!

On the Road

Pool Time!
The weather was PERFECT, seriously so nice!

We ate TONS of YUMMY food and desserts!
We both loved it but, are feeling it now. Ha!

Anniversary Date Night!

One year going on forever...
I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What a fun weekend! We went to a cabin with my family!
It was so nice to be together, relax, play games, watch movies, hike, eat lots, and enjoy conference!
It is such a pretty time of year... the cabin and was surrounded by gorgeous trees!
I loved it and the weather was perfect!
Here are some pics, iphone style of course! :)
 Family Pic, Love them!
All the Boys!
Chase, Morgan, Zak, Trevor, Dad, Bentley, and Mike
Girls- Me, Zoey, and Mom
Trevor and his doggies, Zak and Zoey! :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend as well!

I am already ready for an other one!
This new job has got me REALLY busy...but, that's a good thing... I am liking it!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Treat

So, this week has been good but, a little draining! Starting a new job can be like that! The good news is, I think I am going to really like it! :) I saw this recipe on Pinterest and just had to try them! So, I did...and they are so YUMMY! We are headed to a cabin this weekend to relax and watch conference and they are going to make a great cozy cabin treat! :) You should make them too!
Here is the link

Okay, so my pictures don't look near as good but, they are still YUMMY!

I'm really looking forward to a cozy cabin cookie filled weekend!
It's just what I need! :)
Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Puppy Sitting

We are puppy sitting this week....
Meet Susan, our friends 8 week old Beagle!
Isn't she cute!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept. 20th

It's my beautiful mothers birthday today! Aren't mom's just the best! She does so much for our family and I love her very much! I hope she has a good day! If you know her...text, email, FB, or call her today so she feels the love... She deserves it! We had a little party for her on Sunday and we are going to dinner to celebrate tonight! Can't Wait! 
It is also, our sweet pups birthday today too... I wonder if he even understands it's his birthday (ha)? He is four today and I just love this little doggy! He gets a lot of love around our house...and has brought us a lot of entertainment over the years! He also goes by a lot of names in house, we are convinced he will come to ANY name at this point! :) Some of the most common ones are Mr. B, Beez, Bees knees, Beesle, Wog, Woggle, Munk, Munkin, Fluff n' Stuff, Fluffinstein, and whatever else we feel is appropriate at the time (Mike comes up with some good ones)! Weird, I know!

Bring on the Birthday Treats...
Happy Birthday Mom and Bentley!
We Love You!
-Mike and Jenna 

Friday, September 16, 2011


So, I'm trying something new with my bangs and I am NOT sold on the idea yet...
I know that I am horrible with change so, I am trying to give it sometime to set in.

Disclaimer: I don't really think this is a blog worthy topic but, I am bored at work today... I put in my two weeks on Monday and I am just chilling while my boss interviews 11 applicant today, awesome! Oh and word to the wise, It might not be the best idea to wear Old Navy flip flops to an interview and 4% of $100,000 is not 74.7....

I have had the same bangs since 8th grade, I'm totally out of style I know... but, I can never seem to bring myself to change them. I tried straight across bangs a couple of months back but, I didn't love them.  I did feel more "in style" and people (including my husband) seemed to like them but, eventually I went back to the old way ... (My husband liked it too, he said it's how he remembered me looking when we first met). So, I am bored again and I am trying no-ish bangs...I am just parting my hair down the middle and I am going to try and let them grow. My bff, Soph...who I totally trust (she is stylin) said she loved them and again, my husband likes the change a lot (NOW, I am realizing he has no real opinion... he just loves everything, ha.. thanks babe-he can't be trusted). However, I'm SO NOT SOLD on them! I feel very weird and old! Why, IDK?

So, the life changing (lol) question of the day is should I try and stick this out a little longer, go back to the NORMAL and boring way, or give striaght bangs a shot again?
I welcome any advice (ha)!
Here, see for yourself...
(although, u can't tell how funky my forehead is in this picture-gotta love intagram, right?)
Gotta Go, Interview #8 just walked in...