Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's the Married thing to do, right?

Hi Everyone (if that is even anyone...)!

We decided to start a blog, it's the married people thing to do, right? I am super new to blogging and don't really know how to do it but, I have decided to try, any tips or tricks are welcomed!!!
(Ps- how do I get the thing on the side of my blog that shows when my friends have posted? That would for sure make my blog stalking easier! JK! But, really how do I get that... Wow, see I have no clue!)

Well here is an update of what we have been up to in our 1 mo. and 6 days of marriage!

*We got married 10/18/10 and it was an AMAZING day, stay tuned for wedding pictures! I can't wait to post some of them!
*We went on our honeymoon to Las Vegas and stayed in a suite at an awesome hotel! We also got to go see Cher and Le Reve while we were there! I love going to shows and it was fun taking Mike to both of the those show ( I had seen both of them before)! I highly suggest Le Reve if you haven't seen it! I have seen it at least 7 times and I still love it! Cher was great too, our friend hooked us up and we sat front row! Needless to say we saw a whole lot of Cher! ;)
*Since we have been home we have been busy cleaning, organizing, and decorating our house. It looks SO cute, I really love it!
*We made an awesome DIY headboard for our bed! It turned out surprisingly great! We will post pics and how we did it later just in case any of you have a free Saturday and want to spice up your bedroom!
*We bought a new car, and I am loving it! I have been driving the same old Honda Accord for 9 years, and it was SO time to trade it in and get something newer! R.I.P my old friend!
*We have had fun hanging out with "Married Friends!" Soph and Brent are always fun to hang out with and the other night Josh and McCall (Kevin and Date) came over for a fondue party!
*Last weekend Mike's sister, Lisa was in town with here cute little family and they stayed with us at our house! It was fun having a little person around, Katy is cute and looks SO much like Mike's baby picutes! I feel like I now know what my children are going to look like now, weird! :) On Sunday Meg, Jake, and John came up to our house and Mike cooked a Roast in his new crock pot (he has been super excited about using it) and it was yummy! Good Job Honey! We also played Ticket to Ride with Lisa and Andrew, Andrew won!
*Now we are looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family at my Uncle Brent and Aunt Heather's house in Coalville and then X-mas is Chicago with Mike's family!

Moral of the story: Married Life is Bliss, we're sold!

A little preview of our wedding pics to come!

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