Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept. 20th

It's my beautiful mothers birthday today! Aren't mom's just the best! She does so much for our family and I love her very much! I hope she has a good day! If you know her...text, email, FB, or call her today so she feels the love... She deserves it! We had a little party for her on Sunday and we are going to dinner to celebrate tonight! Can't Wait! 
It is also, our sweet pups birthday today too... I wonder if he even understands it's his birthday (ha)? He is four today and I just love this little doggy! He gets a lot of love around our house...and has brought us a lot of entertainment over the years! He also goes by a lot of names in house, we are convinced he will come to ANY name at this point! :) Some of the most common ones are Mr. B, Beez, Bees knees, Beesle, Wog, Woggle, Munk, Munkin, Fluff n' Stuff, Fluffinstein, and whatever else we feel is appropriate at the time (Mike comes up with some good ones)! Weird, I know!

Bring on the Birthday Treats...
Happy Birthday Mom and Bentley!
We Love You!
-Mike and Jenna 

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