Friday, September 16, 2011


So, I'm trying something new with my bangs and I am NOT sold on the idea yet...
I know that I am horrible with change so, I am trying to give it sometime to set in.

Disclaimer: I don't really think this is a blog worthy topic but, I am bored at work today... I put in my two weeks on Monday and I am just chilling while my boss interviews 11 applicant today, awesome! Oh and word to the wise, It might not be the best idea to wear Old Navy flip flops to an interview and 4% of $100,000 is not 74.7....

I have had the same bangs since 8th grade, I'm totally out of style I know... but, I can never seem to bring myself to change them. I tried straight across bangs a couple of months back but, I didn't love them.  I did feel more "in style" and people (including my husband) seemed to like them but, eventually I went back to the old way ... (My husband liked it too, he said it's how he remembered me looking when we first met). So, I am bored again and I am trying no-ish bangs...I am just parting my hair down the middle and I am going to try and let them grow. My bff, Soph...who I totally trust (she is stylin) said she loved them and again, my husband likes the change a lot (NOW, I am realizing he has no real opinion... he just loves everything, ha.. thanks babe-he can't be trusted). However, I'm SO NOT SOLD on them! I feel very weird and old! Why, IDK?

So, the life changing (lol) question of the day is should I try and stick this out a little longer, go back to the NORMAL and boring way, or give striaght bangs a shot again?
I welcome any advice (ha)!
Here, see for yourself...
(although, u can't tell how funky my forehead is in this picture-gotta love intagram, right?)
Gotta Go, Interview #8 just walked in...

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  1. I don't remember you ever not having bangs! I love the no bang look you. Your hubby is right you can pull any look off, but I think this is my fav. You are beautiful!