Thursday, January 20, 2011

i LOVE my bridesmaids

My Pretty Bff's, Sisters, and Friends Forever! 

They all looked so pretty that day! Doesn't that color look good on ALL of them!

 With the handsome husband...

 Haha, too funny! Love the faces they are making...

Sophie (MOH): I think this is the prettiest picture of Sophie ever! She is stunning! I love her very much.. and she is an amazing example to me! She had been though a lot in her life and is always so happy and positive! I love her outlook on life and I always feel so happy when I am around her. She is the most loving friend, a wonderful wife, and the best mommies around! She is also so creative and crafty! I want to be like her someday!
Candice: She's next! I can't wait for her to marry her first love (it really is the cutest story ever)! She was a great friend to me when I needed one the most! We have had a lot of fun adventures the last year and a half, I will remember them always! She is also one of the main reasons me and Mike are together today.. we just needed a little help! ;) Thank Candice, we love you! Stay in touch when you move away... Sad!

Mara: I love this girl... I have more fun with her than anyone! She is crazy, fashionable, and ALWAYS entertaining! We have been friends the longest and I really value and apprecaite her friendship and all the memories we have together! We are very different but very the MUCH the same! It's werid and I love it! I was so happy that she was a part of my special day and that I got to be a part of hers!

I loved this day and the GIRLS that I got to spend it with!
Thank you all!
X0X0- Jenna


  1. i love this post!! your wedding day was such a fun, amazing, memorable day for me!! I feel blessed to have been a part of it.
    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. you are so lucky to have such amazing and beautiful friends! i love that you gave them shout-outs. you're pretty darn awesome yourself miss jenna. i love you tons. long live wilbur!! xoxo