Friday, January 7, 2011


So, our NYE started out with a really shady KSL deal. Funny story...
Let's just say we ended up in the Tools sections of Sears stalking Asians. LOL!
I will also say that the end result was GREAT and that it will for sure not be our last shady KSL deal! HA!

Next, we met my parents at Rodizio for a little double NYE date! The food was SO yummy! Those cheese rolls (or whatever they are called) are AMAZING!

 (cute husband)

 (turns out I don't actually own a sparkly dress, next year)

 (not my best picture)

(cute parents)

Then we went home and Rang in the New Year just the Two of US (oh and Beez)!

 It was a great way to start 2011!
I am excited and ready!

Love you all!
(iphone pics again...sorry)


  1. jenna!!! you have a blog!! yayyyyyyy!!!! i love it! i love the pics on the sidebar of friends to marriage. so super cute. see you next week. love you tons and tons and tons!!!!

  2. phone pics are great! they look better than my sorry digital camera;)

    I've said it before but i'll say it again:
    I LOVE your straight bangs!