Monday, June 20, 2011

Try this!

Okay, I am sorry for an other recipe post....

BUT-I made this Lemonade Cake for Father's Day and it was INCREDIBLE!
(My Dad's favorite cake flavor is Lemon)
The recipe was AWESOME and everyone LOVED it!
If you like lemon "stuff" you need to try it! :)

(Lemonade cake, with Lemonade glaze, and Lemonade cream cheese frosting... decorated in Lemon Heads and actual Lemons)

Here is the Recipe...

PS- I LOVE my dad, he is GREAT dad..I hope he enjoyed his cake and Father's Day!
We missed our other dad in Chicago but, we sent him a card and wished him a Happy Father's Day on the phone.
I can't wait until my husband becomes a Dad, I know he will be the best dad ever! If you take into account how much he loves and takes care of me and Mr. B already I can't even imagine him with a little one.
 I am looking forward to that for sure!


  1. Jenna, it looks so good! You did an amazing job decorating it too! Well done :)

  2. Jenna! I found your blog and wanted to say hi. That cake makes me hungry it looks so yummy and pretty too. Miss you!