Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fun Week!

We had such a fun week!
Our friends Candice and Izzy were in town, Kim turned 30, we went to Lagoon, and it was the 4th of July!

Texas Roadhouse! It's so fun to have couple to hang out with! I think Mike liked having some guys around for a change! :)
(Aaron, Kristen, Kim, Me, Mike, Candice, and Izzy)

We LOVE Them

Cheesecake for Kim's 30th Bday Party!

She is one HOT 30 yr old!

Now, onto LAGOON day! We went with my cousins... Jordynn, Eisley, Kobe, and my mom even came this year! It was an adventure to say the least, ha!
I love my cousins, they always make me laugh... they are so funny!

Eisley, Jordynn, Kobe... (Austin didn't come this year)

Jordynn and Mom

US trying to find shade, it was SUCH a HOT day!

For the Fourth... We went to a movie in the afternoon, dinner, and then went and watched firework just the two of us! It was low key but, perfect!

I am looking forward to this weekend! Mike's little sister, Christina and a friend are going to be staying with us! They are coming from Chicago for EFY and a little Vacay! We have fun stuff planned for them... I just HOPE it doesn't rain...


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