Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE 2010

Well sadly I am stuck at work today and Mike is at home since he had the day off...I wanted SO BADLY to stay cuddled up with him this morning. (Lame stock market. Why? Do you have to be open today).

Anyways, I am sad to see 2010 go by. It was an amazing year for me! I am so thankful for all of the wonderful memories! I will never forget you 2010!

NYE 2009

Here are some of my favorite MEMORIES from 2010

Valentines Day! Dinner at Mike's house with Steve and Ashley 

 My Birthday. Party at my parents, Lunch with Friends, and Birthday Dinner with Friends!

Mike's Birthday! We are both April Birthday... Which are the best by the way! ;)

Cabo, August 2010. One of my favorite vacation EVER. Mike, me, Heather, Candice, Kristen, and Kim.

 The night we got ENGAGED! 8/26/2010

The day we got Married in the Provo, Temple. The most memorable and cherished day of not only 2010 but, our whole lives!

Steve (left) AKA Elder Rosa left on a mission. August 2010. This picture was taken after our sealing in the Provo Temple, Steve was able to walk over from the MTC to be there!  

Thanksgiving with my awesome cousins and family (not pictured, lame)

Christmas in Chicago with Mike's family (Also, not picture... Super Lame)

We don't have any set plans for tonight but, I am hoping it evolves a sparkly dress and a cute husband!
Happy New Years Eve Everyone!

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  1. jenna! i blog stalked you through jamyns blog! you are such a beautiful married woman!!! looks like life is treating you well. miss you!