Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Nothing says Mother's Day like a GIANT cupcake! :)
White Cake, Whipped Cream filling w/ Strawberries and Strawberry Frosting. Yum!
On Sunday my family came up to our new place and we had dinner and dessert and celebrated our mom!
My mom is the type of Mom that hates Mother's day, it's sad... I wish she could enjoy it more. I don't fully understand why she doesn't like but, I think it has to do with felling guilty??! I wish she didn't, she is a fantastic Mother! She has had to deal with a LOT of challenges in Motherhood and I think she has handled them to the BEST of her ability and should feel happy on Mother's day. I did my best to make her usual Mother's Day frown into a smile...I think we kind of succeeded...maybe?

My dad, bought her a nice gift
Mike, made dinner and I made dessert. We also gave her a card and gift.
Chase, Cleaned his room (big deal) and gave my mom a card.
Trevor, gave her a card that said "I hope everyone pees in the right place today" "Happy Mother's Day" Totally fitting...perfect! In the card he wrote something like... "Mom, I love you. You are the one I choose to help me with my sorrows. Thanks for letting me build the Man Cave (more on that later)" So sweet!

This year I had an other Mother, my Mother in Law to celebrate... but, sadly she is far away! :( We mailed her a nice card and talked to her on the phone though (wish we could of done more)!We also, got to talk to STEVE (Mike's missionary brother)!It was great... they conferenced us in on the call and it was really fun to hear from him!

I love both my MOM's and look up to both of them in SO many ways, different ways but, SO many ways!
It is SO wonderful to have multiple women as examples in my life...I have SO much to learn from them! I love and appreciate them more than they know!

I know motherhood isn't always easy but, I am SO looking forward to the day when I can be a mother too! Like, I Can't Wait!....

To all of you mothers out there, I hope you enjoyed your special day and ate cupcakes too! :) 

Love you!

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  1. what a sweet post! you will be such an amazing mother one day jenna!