Monday, September 12, 2011


So last night, I had the rare treat of listening to my husband Play the Piano and Sing (last time I heard him was Christmas)... He only played 3 songs but, I still I LOVED listening...He is the BEST!
Ha, Awesome Picture, Huh! :)

I LOVE HIM- He has been so good to me lately.. I'm spoiled!
We have been going through a lot of family stuff lately, it's been crazy stressful to say the least and I am amazed at how loving and supportive my husband is... Not only, to me (he has always been like that) but, to my family as well! I truly feel that he loves and cares for them and KNOW (since he has) that he would do pretty much anything for them! I can't imagine being married to anyone else, he is for sure the ONE for me and lately I know he is the ONE that my family needs as well!
We are lucky!

PS- I am pretty sure I got a NEW JOB today...
Crossing my fingers it's a good move for me! :)

Happy Monday!

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