Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indian Canyons- Palm Springs

After Candice's wedding we drove to Palm Springs
to meet Mike's parents and littlest sister (Emily) for Spring Break.
Palm Springs was beautiful and WARM (hot)!!!
Sunday we ate food and had FHE
Monday the boys had to work so, the girls went to the pool!
 Tuesday we went to the Indian Canyons and did some hiking.

 The palm trees we SO pretty and I couldn't help but, take a ton of pics (with my phone of course). 
 (I will post some more pics of the rest of the trip later!)  

Mike's Cute Family, some of them at least!
Mom Gina, Dad Marty, and littlest sister Emily

There was a stream that ran along some of the trail... We put our feet in to cool off!
He climbed all over these rocks...
In this pic there is a little waterfall under him!
I like him!
Checking out the natural springs...

It was a great day spent with my favorite husband and amazing in-laws in the warm weather surrounded by  pretty palm trees...

-Jenna Rosa 


  1. CRAZY!!! We probably missed each other by a day or something! I love Palm Springs! p.s. Move by us.. let's be neighbors! :)

  2. Well, that sounds like a good idea to me! Where do u live? :)

    Oh let's make our in-laws cordinate plans next year so, we can be there at the same time!