Thursday, April 7, 2011

Palm Springs-Tram Ride

Wed. we all went to ride the Palm Springs tram. It goes from the desert floor to the tip top of the mountains. It was seriously steep! It was 89 degrees at the bottom and 50 with a foot of snow at the top! Palm trees on bottom, Pine trees on top. Kind of crazy and fun...until we all decided we left the snow for a reason! :)
The tram car was cool! It fit 80 passenger and rotated 360 degree while going up, great views!

These pics were taken on the top in the snow!!! We even had a snow ball throwing competition! Then we headed back and went straight to the pool! FUN!

Thursday was kind sad.... Mike's family ended up having to leave early, his dad had something come up at work. We helped them pack up and after they took off we went swimming and relaxed together the rest of the day...
Friday was SOO hot, like 102 degrees and we ended up going shopping and then to movie.
Too hot to be outside, hehe!
Saturday we went to the pool and then drove home to our snowy house in Draper!
(Grrr...Isn't it Spring?)
It was seriously the perfect trip!!!
We slept in, ate lots of food, got to hang out with Mike's fam, and the weather was awesome!
I am so thankful Mike's family let us tag along on their trip! 
I LOVE my in-laws, I feel very blessed and grateful to have them in my life.
They are wonderful examples of selfless love, they give SO much to everyone around them!

So, yesterday was my birthday... I am now 26. Crazy!!!!



  1. Post a picture of your toms!!!
    love you!

  2. i can't believe the snow to hot sun!! why can't the hot sun poke out here? :( and 26 is pretty dang old jenna!!! ugh. :) love your guts! xoxo