Monday, August 29, 2011

Engageiversary Date

So we did the PERFECT  thing to celebrate our Engagement Anniversary!
We went to the Brian McKnight concert...

Let me tell you why it was perfect:
1- I am a huge fan- I am a sucker for old school R&B (I have been teased by a lot of people saying that my ipod look like it would belong to black guy, I am by no means mad at that!)
2- Mike is a huge fan- he relates to him since he plays the paino/writes music/and sings (even though Mike claims he isn't a singer...I say he is)  
3- We bonded over our love for B McKnight when we first met... That's true love right there, ha!
4- You know how every couple has a "song" while they are dating...well, our happens to be by B McKnight. Cheesy but, true! We have added one more since we have been married...
5- We tried to track him down and see him while we were on our honeymoon but, we just missed his concert by just a few days...sad!

Well, he did not disappoint... I have been looking forward to this for months and LOVED it! I have always loved his music but, I didn't know how funny he would be...He was so entertaining. I laughed the whole night! He was truly "working it" up there! It was just him, his piano, his guiars, and keyboard. No band, no back up signers, no backing track... nothing... just him! His voice was incredible live dare I say better live. I mean who now days writes all their own songs, plays them, and sings them...very few. He is a talented guy! 

It was so fun being there with Mike, I love being married to a musical guy! :) I was worried he wouldn't play our song (dating song)... and we would be disappointed but, he played it SECOND! I didn't even have it wait (I'm not sogood at that)...It was awesome! I took live video but, I am not really sure how to get that on the lyrics (to our song) will have to do (google it, the music is so pretty)!
"Only One For Me"
You say you've seen too many things,
that turn out to be too good to be true.
Against your better judgment, opened up your heart,
'til you found the joke was on you.
looking out on the rest of our lives,
If we're gonna be together or apart.
About the only way I know how to come,
is right straight from my heart.
I want you now,
I'll show you how
I can be the man you need me to be
I've been around,
but now I've found
that you're the only one for me.
Say you'll never fall again
You won't subject yourself to such pain
If you give me half a chance I will
Never leave you standing out in the rain
But if you think that I could look you in your face and lie right
through my teeth
then turn around and walk away
Cross my hear, girl I care for you and when I look into eyes I must say...
I need you now
I'll show you how
I can be the man you need me to be
I've been around
But now I've found
that you're the only one for me
I need you so
I can't let go
Gonna be all that I can be
I want you still
I always will
Cause you're the only one for me

-Brian McKnight


  1. I love the ROSA's!!! you guys are too cute!

  2. I love this idea! We might have to do the same! :) You guys are PERFECT together. Love the blog! :)