Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Christmas Highlights

(We got home from Chicago late Monday night and it has been snowing ever since! WOW)!

Christmas was so WONDERFUL! We had a great time! I really do feel SO lucky to have such great in-laws!
Here are the Highlights of our first Christmas Together!

Where to start?

 I got to meet Mike's grandma for the first time! He has told me so many fun stories about her and now I can see why he loves her so much! She is a RIOT! We have a lot in common...she keeps a 12 pack of DC on her bed right next to her chocolates (we are talking warm DC here)! GO Grandma! I loved seeing her and Mike together... (KICKING MYSELF) Why did I not take a picture? SAD :(! She told me over and over that Mike was her favorite grandson and for a little bit she even forgot and told me he was her "only" grandson (she has a least 20 including Mike's two brothers)! HA! We showed her our wedding video and she loved it SO much that she requested to watch it on repeat! I loved her, aren't grandmas the best?! 

It was so nice to be at Mike's house with all of his family there (minus Steve on Mission in Idaho). Here is the run down of everyone...
Mom and Dad, Gina and Marty
Mike and I
Lisa (Mike's sister), Andrew, and baby Katy
Mark (Mike's brother)
Christina (Mike's sister)
Emily (Mike's sister)
Lady and Trey (two of the chubbiest beagles that ever existed)
Muffy (cat/grandma's BBF)
They are ALL so fun, sweet, thoughtful, and loving!

We got to talk to Steve on the phone which we all loved of course! He is doing good and we are all so proud of him!

Now, on to what we did:
We all shopped, wrapped and unwrapped presents, cooked, ate a lot, went caroling, played with baby Katy, had a war (nerf style), PLAYED LOTS of GAMES, and watched Christmas movies but, my favorite part of the weekend was when Mike played the "new" piano for everyone on Christmas Eve.

Time out: I need to brag about my husband for a minute....(he'll probably hate this) I don't know if I have told you all this before or not but, he is SO TALENTED! He plays the piano (all by ear might I add, he doesn't read any music), sings, and writes music and I love it all! He doesn't play that much for me at home so to hear him play this much on the "new" (I'll get to that in a minute) piano was so fun for me! I love that he is so talented and passionate about music... coming from an extremely music challenged family it was so amazing to here him play and here his family all sing beautiful Christmas songs together! At one point he even had all of the girls in the room crying (ha), music is so powerful and moving! I am so lucky to have a husband that can bring music into our home! I have a major crush on him!

(These may or may not be the only 2 pics I took while we were there... SO BAD, I know)

So, isn't that piano pretty? Well, it's new... kinda. Mike's grandpa passed away in August and that is his old piano only with ALL new parts and completely re-stored! Mike's grandpa was a world renowned voice teacher and taught voice at North Western University. The family decided it was worth it re-store the old piano in his memory after he passed away. It came just in time for Christmas, it looks and sounds beautiful!

I hope all of you had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did! 
Can you all even believe it's almost 2011?! Holy Cow!

Sorry, for the long post and lack of picture AGAIN! Lame! I will try and get some pics from Lisa or Christina to put up so you can see the whole family!

Love, Jenna 

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