Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

Two nights ago we went to Sophie and Brent house to build Gingerbread Houses! It was fun and pretty comical! Let's just say next time I am using a glue gun (shhh!)!

(our first married picture together, thxs Soph)

It was our first Gingerbread experience and we had a blast! I think we are going to try and do it again with Mike's family in Chicago! Hopefully ours will be prettier and STABLE next time! HA!

We are SO lucky to have such great friends!
Whenever we hang out with Sophie and Brent (little Eden) it is for sure the highlight of our week!
They are such a sweet family and great examples to Mike and I!

PS- our plane leaves in a couple hours and neither Mike or I have packed anything yet...Oh and I woke up sick today, blah!
Anyways, I think it might be time to leave work and pack!

Travel Safe Everyone!


  1. I love that you ate it on the way home!! AHH we love you guys!!!
    I hope you didn't get sick from me! I hope you feel better and have so much fun in Chicago:)

  2. OH NO! Don't get sick right now! That would be the worst! Have fun on your trip! P.S. Yes, first married Christmas! Woo!!! It's the best thing in the world. Oh and I'm still waiting for our double date. I'm not letting you off the hook. Let's partay!

  3. Jenna, I just heard of a new trick for gingerbread houses. If you pour a little heated sugar water over the seams of the house and let it cool, it will hold it together WAY better than any icing can! ...Just in case you make them again while in Chicago. Merry Christmas!