Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Out Side!

Burr, It's so cold outside right now... and I want Ear Muffs! Ear Muffs you say??? Silly, maybe but, aside from the horrible name, I think I might love them! I have tried and tried to force myself to be a hat person! It NEVER works.. I buy multiples hat (and I am talking cute hats) and NO, I can never get myself to wear them! It's.Just.Not.Me!

 So, last night while Christmas shopping (and freezing) with my wonderful husband it dawned on me!!! EAR MUFFS! I am going to buy some and see if I actually wear them....Wish me luck! Ha ha, this could be funny! :)  At least my ears will be warm while we.... 

Visit Temple Square to see the lights this weekend (or Monday) and then get hot chocolate at Hatch's! I can't wait!

They also might come in handy while visiting Mike's Family in Chicago this Christmas! 

I so very excited to spend Christmas with my Amazing Husband and Awesome In-Laws! I am a lucky girl! Not only do I love my family very much, I have loved getting to know Mike's family as well! What great people and amazing examples they are to me! I love all my family, friends, and husband! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

(our amazing parents at our wedding)

I will try and take some pictures while we are in Chicago (this blog is lacking pictures)to share with you! Oh, and I will update you on the Ear Muff situation, cross you finger!

Merry Christmas!
XOXO- Jenna  

**Update (12/20/10) Good news, I found a pair of seriously cute ear muffs on Saturday(they are huge). Bad news, We went to 5 stores before going to see the light on Friday and NO ear muffs so, my ears froze at the lights but, I can't wait to try them out in Chicago! Hehe, I am gonna look silly! 
Oh and other bad news... NO camera at the lights! Sad! We suck at taking pics since we have been married!  

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