Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 We Scored!

We got a lot of awesome wedding gifts from all of our wonderful friends and family

One of the present is by far my favorite though (eke, is it bad to have a favorite?)! I LOVE IT!
Meet: Babycakes, isn't she cute!

She makes 8 mini cupcakes in FOUR minutes! Baking heaven, if you ask me!!!
 Lately, I have gone a little crazy with my cupcake baking... it is just too fun and SO easy (great combo when cooking baking). I have made all kinds and flavors... Lemon, chocolate, strawberry/cream cheese, strawberry/chocolate, rainbow chip, etc.
Chocolate/ Chocolate- My husband Favorite!  

Chocolate with Peppermint Cream Cheese!

I do the baking and Mike does the cooking, Perfect!

I'll have to have Mike post about his favorite wedding gift as well!
I'm guessing it's the Crock Pot!
or maybe the Ninja Blender or the Ihome? Stay tuned...
Moral of the Story: If you have a major sweet tooth, like me, get yourself a Babycakes! Now!

Ps- You can purchase one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Pss-I apologize for the bad phone pics, I am a lazy picture taker in my old age ;)
Love, Jenna


  1. Hey Jenna! Seriously! Your bridals look like they belong in a vogue magazine or something! SO PRETTY!!! Glad you have blog! and I'm gonna have to get me a babycakes! :) Congrats on getting married!!!

  2. Thank you SO much!!! You are sweet... I had a good photographer! :)