Friday, March 18, 2011

Special Chat

***Warning this post is long with NO pictures. I wanted to have a record of this, sorry it's so long, I won't feel bad if you don't read it! It's mostly for me anyways! If you do, I hope you like it, I do!

So, today I was at lunch talking with a co-worker friend and we were talking about how she was IMing a guy friend of hers and I asked her is she thought it would go somewhere or not...
Anyway, the whole conversation got me thinking about how me and Mike started. Most of you know that he saw me at an institute class, he had a friend ask me for my number, by the time he called me I had moved to Vegas, he came to Vegas on vacation and asked me out again, we went on a fun date, he went home and never called, a year later I moved home, I ran into him at a party, I found out that he was best friends with a lot of the girls that I started hanging out with when I moved home, we became good friends.... But, what most people don't know is why and how we started dating. Well, I credit it to FB chat and some of our friends helping out a bit. More specifically I credit a lot of it to a certain special chat. A chat convo that makes me cry every time I read it!.

I want to post the chat, for keepsakes reasons but, I need to preface it a bit first... here is goes!

Back Story (quick version): Vegas was lonely (didn't go on a single date while I was there). I had an awesome job, that I loved but, that was about it. My aunt set me up on a date (in Utah) one weekend with someone she knew, I even came home for it... I was desperate for a date (embarrassing). I ended up liking him a lot...we spent the weekend together. I moved home the next weekend. We dated....and had fun together for a couple months. He then moved for work, I figured we would just see what would happen. When he moved I started hanging out with my girl friends and Mike every night. Me and Mike became friends quick! I was so intrigued by him, his views on the world, and all his "theories" about people and dating. I had known for awhile that he liked me and he had known I was dating someone. We became friends...we FB chatted ALL DAY everyday! I am talking 3 months of non-stop everyday chatting...The girls kept warning him that I liked "the other guy" and to protect himself. They all loved Mike and didn't want him to get his hopes up since they heard me a talking about "the other guy." As things went on I found myself looking forward to our chats and loving all of our online conversations. We connected on a lot of levels. We got closer and "the other guy" started to pull back since he had moved. I clearly remember a certain night that all of us went and saw an (awful) movie, in IMAX non the least... Where The Wild Thing Are (Candice, if you are reading... I know that is your favorite movie ever ;)) and I was sitting next to him and I actually remember feeling like I had a crush on him. It was weird up until this point I had told the girls I wasn't interested and that I wanted to let things play out thing with "the other guy." I actually remember wanting to hold his hand, What?? Where was this coming from... I was shocked myself! That night we (me, Candice, and Kim) went to Sonic for DC's (duh) and I told them that I might have a small crush on him...they freaked out and went immediately into action! This were I credit them! They told him that if he was ever gonna ask me out again that now would be the time! He did, I was excited and nervous, he was late (sorry babe you were, love you), we went out to dinner, we watched a movie, he kissed me, I kissed back, my crush grew, we hung out more that weekend, and the crush kept growing!

The next weekend changed things...."the other guy" came in town to have surprise surgery. He called, I took him dinner after surgery. Long story short... He ended up have surgery complications. I had to rush him to the hospital that night! The next part is a blur, it went a little like this...He almost died, he had to have more surgery, I stayed there, Mike tried to call, my phone was dead, I brought him more dinners at the hospital, I stayed with him more, I couldn't call Mike back, I text him to tell him where I had been, I hung out with "the other guy" to keep him company during his recovering, chatted at work with Mike a bit but, didn't hang out with him, the "other guy" started getting better and went back to work far away, I was confused (understatement)!

So, before he came back I was ready to move on and find someone that wanted to commit on the same level that I wanted to! I was ready and I wanted to give Mike a shot. I did, we kiss, things were good and happy. Then Boom, the "other guy" is back and after that whole ordeal, I was confused about what I wanted!

Then the CHAT of 11/16/2009

*** I am going to post chat in the next blog post for sake of space.

XOXO- Jenna

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