Monday, March 21, 2011

Soon to be Mrs. Ingle

I am very excited for this weekend!
One of my best friends is getting married!
I couldn't be happier for her!
I loved having her a part of my wedding and now I can't wait to be a part of hers!

 We have had a lot of fun together the last year or two... It's crazy to think that we will both be wives soon!
I love you Candice!

(hahah, Don't ask!)

Yes, padded butt short, our fav!

(wish I was this tan right now)

(lake powell)

The only sad part about her getting married is she is leaving us...
Boo, I am going to miss you!
Who am I going to eat sugar cookies, drink DC, and watch GG with? It rare to someone who likes all of those things as much as I do... I think we are bonded for life because of it!
Move back soon so we can be married friends, okay?

XOXO- Jenna Rosa 


  1. Awe...I LOVE this!!!! We have had so much fun together!! I can't believe I'm moving so far away :( But I will be back to visit all the time!!! I LOVE you to death!!!!!

  2. you two make quite a beautiful pair of bff's!!! i love you both and am so happy for both of you and your new lives! xoxo