Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Bitten

Okay, So Lately I have been thinking about switching this blog up a little? Not sure yet, we will see??? You have been warned!

So, This is me today, at my awesome yet usually boring desk job...and what's on my mind?
My new lip color, Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Gothic. AH-Mazing!
(sorry for the self portrait-kinda of embarrassing)
So, here is the story of why it is so Ah-Mazing (that is fun to say type)...
I have always been the girl that wore Red lipstick
even when it wasn't soooo cool in Jr. High...
(I LOVE that is popular right now, FUN!)
But, I have always had a problem with it "bleeding" and I have been in search of a magical non-bleeding trick forever! Nothing ever works, Nope not cover up or lip liner, Nothing (it's probably my lips)!

Enter Just Bitten (color: Gothic)
Ahahhh... Magic!
This stuff is awesome!
 I have tried the MAC stain before and didn't like it.. But, this one is perfect and lasts ALL day!
I mean through talking, eating, kissing, and sometimes even sleeping and (the best part) NO BLEEDING!
Also, it moisturizing... since one end is the stain and the other is a glossy chapstick!

I think I need all the colors now....
Next on my list is CRAVE-totally a Jenna Color, right?
(FYI- this is not my arm)

Oh man I am in for it!
I might have to get a BIGGER lip gloss/stick/stain (whatever) holder for my purse...
It already overflowing!

Have any of you tried it?
What did you think.???
(I heard the chapstick part can break, be careful)
Does your lipstick "bleed?" I swear I am alone here....
What are your favorite LipSticks???

Maybe- I will even post of pic of all of the of my favorites that I have in my purse right now...(it's a lot)



  1. Ashley had me on a wild goose chase for the perfect color. Her choice is passion and she LOVES it!! Your blog is so cute, just like you and Mike. So glad you are so happy! =)

  2. want it!
    and you look SO pretty in that picture at the top.
    love u

  3. Ohh, I like Passion too! On my list as well! Your girls are the cutest, can't believe how big they are! You are an awesome mama!

    And Soph, YES you do! Thank you and Love you!

  4. Thanks Jenna! They really look up to you. So glad you can be a facebook/blog role model. =)

  5. sexy ass lips girl!!!! love youuu!!!