Monday, August 15, 2011

Jesus Loves Us

Life has been crazy lately... Wowza!

But, here is a funny story for your Monday...Yesterday Mike and I were teaching our Primary Class, and our lesson was on how Jesus loves all of us. At one part of the lesson we were going around the circle and asking each of them how they know that Jesus loves them? We were getting answers like, Because he gave me toys, Because he gave me my family...typical 6 year old answers! Well, then we got to one of the girls, and we ask her, "J*****, how do you know that Jesus Loves You?" and she says, "I don't believe in him, I think Jesus is a Tall Tale!"

Are u kidding me, WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THAT... Hahaha... What? She is 6!

Our Primary Class is CRAZY!!!! That is ONE of MANY crazy stories we have from our 3 weeks of being primary teachers...We are SO in for it!!!


  1. Oh dear! What an adventure to teach primary!

  2. hahahahah heheheheheh! you are in for it girl! Eva came home from her very first day of primary {yrs ago} and said to us "mom, dad, do you have FAI{P}H in the Lord jesus Christ?" she was 3 and dead freaking serious! kids say the darndest things huh!