Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love being at Sundance in the summer! I love spending time in the Beautiful Mountains!
We have gone up to Sundace for our date nights the last 2 weekend in a row! 
We can't get enough...

The first weekend we had dinner at the Foundry Grill (yum) and went on the Moonlight Rides. Mike had never been on them before, can you believe he lasted 10 years in Provo/BYU without going on them, Crazy... I on the other hand have been on them with plenty of weird dates. HA!
This time was SO much better, duh!!! 
We had a blast... talk about a fun date night!

The next weekend, we went to the Blue Bird Cafe Concert Series at the outdoor amphitheatre that they have there. Can I just tell you, IT WAS AMAZING! The Blue Bird Cafe is in Nashville and it is a cafe where a bunch of Song Writers preform the song that they wrote and are now famous. Every year they do a tour that stop at Sundance. The night we went there were 3 songwriter preforming... and they were all SO good and really funny! They put on a great show! All the songs they sang were very popular country songs that I recognized. They sang/wrote songs by... Lady A, Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Bonnie Rait, Etc. Mike is an incredible musician and he writes beautiful music so, it was right up his alley! I knew he'd love it but, I didn't expect that I would like it as much as I did...It was SUCH a fun a date night! I think it will become a summer tradition for us! I know I have said it before but, I love how talented my husband is...Being completely tone deaf myself it amazes me how he can play anything if he has heard it once! He doesn't even know how to read music, he doesn't need to... he is just that good! :) Someday when he is ready (he is an extreme perfectionist when it comes to his music) I hope he will try to put his songs out there... I think they would do really well!!! Anyways, The concert series will be back next year and if you have a chance to go, you should... It was very fun and incredibly entertaining!

Blue Bird Concert Series- Sundance July 2011

I could eat the Sundance Suckers EVERYDAY!
My go to flavor- Watermelon
Mike's- Cherry


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