Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On My Mind...

15 thing that have been taking over my mind lately
I felt like I just needed to let them out, HA!
(in no particular order)

1- Should I cut my hair? Should I cut my straight bangs again? (Grr, I always want new hair but, NEVER can get myself to change it!) Any ideas for me?

2- Wondering what should we do for a our 1 year anniversary...I wanna do something FUN! Craziness, Can't believe it's almost here...Time Flies!

3- I am worried about (blank).... I am always worried about (blank) lately. What can I do help? What should I do to help? I hope (blank) knows I care about (blank)! Blank= a real person but, I probably shouldn't say "it's" name on here...?

4- Work, Grrr... WORK! Why are all my friends leaving me, LAME (talking to you Rach, JK I get it) What should I do? Get a new job? Stay at the one I am at- ask for a raise, get licensed? WHO KNOWS but, it's taking up too much of my time worrying about it!

5- I LOVE HOT PINK- I know this is old news but, the obsession has grown this summer! Constant Hot Pink nails (weird, I usually never do the same color twice in a row), Hot Pink Purse, Hot Pink polka dot Iphone case, Pink Ipad cover... It goes on and on! It's gettin weird...

6- How awesome that chair we scored at Ross last night for $29 is... Great Buy I tell ya!

7-I want to go swimming... Like right now please! Summer is NOT long enough...

8- Cake Bites have completely taken over my life...It's an issue (and yes, an even bigger issue than my Smart Cookie and Beyond Glaze issues) They have won, I give up!

9- Primary! We got a calling...we are now Primary Teachers... 14 six year old! WOWZA, more on that later!

10- Pumped for the Bachelor Pad, Thankful for a husband that secretly loves the same ridiculous shows that I love. :)

11- The Help! I have 30 pages left and I have LOVED the book (it's fun reading on an Ipad)...Can't wait for the movie to come out! I have been plugging my ear and covering my eyes when the movie preview comes on... I don't want to spoil the book, ha!

12- I hope Mr B's allergies get better, he is one itchy/sneezy dog! He is the sweetest though! I LOVE that fluffy crazy doggie so much! I think he needs a doggie sister, don't you?

13- Excited for new babies around me... We have a new niece coming really soon and I have some friends that are preggo and I am super excited about for them!

14- Still loving Pinterest and Hanging with Friends. Over Twitter and Words with Friends

15- Thankful for my Life, It's a good one!

Bonus: of course the Husband... He is always on my mind, I must love him a whole lot! :)

Aahhh, that feels better... :) 
What's on your mind?
XOXO- Jenna


  1. You should wait and see who gets hired around here. And then if you get along, ask for a raise. If you don't get along with them, find a new job that you will love! If you stay up here, we can still do red mango runs!