Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet Tooth

So my SWEET TOOTH is at an ALL TIME HIGH and I am just so lucky that I live 1 minutes from a Sweet Tooth Fairy to help me get through it! HAHA... we have gone there the last 8 night in a row and last weekend I broke my record for the amount of cake bites consumed!
My cute husband is such and enabler!!! He says he loves how happy it makes me... and some how we end up there every night and every night (he's right) I am a very happy camper! Fat and Happy my mom would say! Ha!
Oh man, do they put CRACK in those Cake Bites?  
(Top left: Root Beer Cake Bites Bottom left: Lime Cupshake Right: Lemon, Coconut, Raspberry, and Vanilla Macaroons)

So, the Cake Bites are MY FAVORITE
but, I LOVE The macaroons too and last night a I tried a Cupshake for the first time, Awesome!
You can't go wrong... you just can't go wrong.
Although, I am missing the Root beer (last months flavor) cake bites... They were the best!!!
Wow, I am happy just typing about it... :)!!!

Mike has a lung infection, SAD! So, I am expecting a cozy weekend in watching the new show we just started, FNL... so far so good!
Happy Weekend!

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